Who We Are

Our Mission

While living in France during the mid 00’s, we were introduced to the joy of skiing in the French Alps; so in 2007 we established Siam Ski with the mission of sharing that experience with our Thai friends.

Once the exclusive domain of the rich international jet-set, skiing is now accessible to all, even Thais without English language skills or a taste for international cuisine.

Our mission is to reimagine and deliver the unimaginable to Thai with an enquiring spirit and taste for exploration

If you’ve seen it on TV; then you can live it!

Extraordinary Experiences

Adventure is the spice of life but by definition it must be scary. So to help you take the plunge we design our solutions for the least adventurous of us all so you can decide for yourself how fast you want to ski or whether you really enjoy local food. 

We’ve tailored the CORE of our solutions to suit our Grandmother. We’ll meet you at the the airport with a friendly Thai face; handle the local translations; organise everything and prepare authentic Thai meals until you’ve grown adventurous enough to experience the excellent local cuisine.

Our Core Values

What are values? We’re a Thai family owned business so our values are rooted on traditional Thai family. We aim to work Siam Ski and Tase Farm as our mother would approve: