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“Carpe diem”

– Some bloke from Ancient Rome

Travel to experience the wild beauty of our World

Wild views

Wrap up in the latest fashion; experience the views and ski on the snow while we still can

Wild animals

Decide for yourself whether Thai elephants or African elephants are the more noble


Tawe Farm in Pak Chong offers a truly meditative experience in our family owned, government certified organic farm. Come and see how we can save the word together while delivering the most delicious salad in Thailand. Don’t believe us? Try one in our on-farm restaurant.

Even consider staying over for the the weekend or longer. We’ve a selection of Farm-Stay packages to suit all budgets and group sizes.

Chill at Tawe Farm

Enjoy a truly organic salad and learn the challenges and solutions to a modern environmentally friendly approach to agriculture. Take-away or eat in, you can’t leave without experiencing the difference for yourself and you’ll never turn back.

Or just chill and take in the tranquility of the Khao Yai foothills.  Don’t worry, we’ve numerous farm-stay solutions if you find you’re too relaxed to drive home.